By advancing sensible, smart growth policy solutions, the Land Use Integrity Project (LUIP) strives to ensure the long-term viability of American communities.

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Chris Leinberger

A Conversation With: Christopher B. Leinberger

We recently spoke with Christopher B. Leinberger about his thoughts on urban planning and development. It was quite the honor for us, as Chris is a respected expert in this field, having written more...

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The Land Use Integrity Project is a new kind of organization focused on progressive solutions for:

Rebuilding our aging cities Enhancing our maturing and growing suburbs Putting people back to work

We are business leaders, environmental advocates, land-use experts, and elected officials. Working together, we create and endorse model centrist land-use code designed to encourage smart growth and right-size the development process for our modern society’s needs.

We hope you will join us in our effort to generate discussion and advocate for sustainable land-use reform that not only balances the needs of the environment and businesses, but most importantly, improves communities throughout the country.

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